Dead Fish Books aspires to be a multigenerational micropress. Our specialty is Retro-Spec: Retro Speculative fiction written for modern readers. Exciting, action-packed adventures with thrilling characters, but also inclusive and sex-positive. Space Opera that is handicap accessible, Fantasy with strong female characters, Horror with everything, LGBTQAS-friendly Romance with consent-enabled sex, Horror with everything.

Submissions are currently open for a specialty anthology of essays from front-line Covid-19 medical workers, but we are planning another anthology in the future that will focus on first contact stories. Please consider submitting to it! We want your African American Conan’s, your Genderqueer Lensmen, your Deaf Gothic Vampire Hunters, your little-known monstors from non-dominant cultures! We want a pulp resurgence where everyone can find a hero to root for!

Helen Davis: (Da Mama) I graduated from Huntington High School, and then from Oberlin College with a BA in science. I went on to graduate studies at the University of Kentucky in Cell Biology. I have had a lifelong love of anatomy, cell biology, and ecological systems, and that had led to the creation of unique SF aliens and questioning various fantasy tropes. I am the older, more conservative voice of the operation. You may find my works at Amazon and Smashwords.

Elizabeth Davis: (Da Baby) Elizabeth was born and has lived her entire life in Dayton, OH, though she has also traveled to the other side of the world. She attended UD and Sinclair College, and holds degrees in English and Paralegal. She is currently creating a specialty in Database Repair. She is the younger, more liberal voice. She is starting a new job at Thompson Hine, LLP. She is the younger, more liberal voice. Her sounds are at White Noise Profile. Her publications are at Elizabeth Davis Publications.

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