Goodbye 2022!

We were all happy to see the end of 2022, and even held a party to say "Goodbye and good riddence!" Unfortunately, 2023 came in with "Hold my beer." So now, halfway through, I'm recovering and my daughter is recovering from her gallbladder operation, and it's time to get back to work overhauling and updating our press offerings. And so, to celebrate that, we're holding a Kickstarter and offering digital and print versions of all our books. Including some old titles only available in outdated ebook versions. Which inlcudes anything released on Kindle before March, 2023, when Amazon decided that its propriatory ebook format really wasn't the best one to have, so everything needs to go to EPUB now.

I've got a lot of work to do. And new covers to create, such as a new cover for our flagship book, DEAD FISH: Stories for Students Who Forgot to Bring Reading Material to Class. Here's a peek at the new cover, work in progress.

The Kickstarter was fully funded within 24 hours, so that means stretch goals. And as we are now commited to producing new versions of all of the old stuff, we both have to write new stuff. I have novels to finish, or how about a sequel to DEAD FISH? Or...

I'm going to be busy.

And now that we're finishing up Yay! They're Here! it's time to think about the next anthology. Something very serious, very noble, very literary... Naw. Stay tuned."


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