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Universe of Attractions

How different can two entities be, yet still share the bond commonly known as love? An alien and a human? A surface dweller and a sea dweller? Living and no longer living? Organic and stone? A man and a planet? How can such different beings find each other, and how will they overcome the differences between them? Which barriers are just too high to cross? These twenty stories cover the range of Speculative Fiction—Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror—as well as the entirety of Human experience. From Ancient Greece to a far-flung futures, from suburbia to empty wilderness, these stories look for love wherever it is found. Sometimes there are happy endings. Sometimes it cannot be. And sometimes—it is up to the reader to decide. Love is always a chancy thing. Find it on Amazon in ebook or in print,or as an ebook in multiple formats on Smashwords.

To Serve In Heaven

They were created to fly on Mars—but politics and prejudice kept them trapped in space.

Volants: winged humans, genetically modified to thrive on a terraformed Mars, yet limited to a single, crowded space habitat, and both the population and tempers are reaching a critical point. Violence increases even as an assembly is called for the people to decide the way forward. Three intertwined stories bring the events, and the consequences, to life: Cecilia, torn between her religious calling to a religion that does not yet accept her humanity and a new-found love. Nicholas, whose rebellious spirit is leading him to the worst fate that Volant Habitat can give him. And Gareth, a Bard from Earth, come to learn about Volant poetry and way of life, but who also has a mission that must be kept secret from the Volant government, his own ambassador, and even the Volants who he comes to love and trust. Find it at Amazon

To Reign in Hell

Two years after the violent suppression of the People’s Assembly, the survivors live on either in the increasingly repressive Volant Habitat or as exiles on Mars. But the hopes of the Mars Now Movement for terraforming the Red Planet have been suppressed and are facing extinction. When Peter Erica Carmen and his students are told that they must destroy all their plants and hard work, they fight back: Peter by running for the position of Delegate to the General Assembly of Mars, and others resorting to terrorist ways. Meanwhile, the beloved Queen of the Volants, imprisoned in her palace by her Prime Minister, starts her own clandestine operation to learn the truth of what is happening. As the conspirators on Mars face the consequences of their own actions, tensions in Volant Habitat reach the point of explosion. Will Volant dreams of flying free on Mars be crushed by tyranny? Find it at Amazon and Smashwords.

Back To Nature

Oudeis has but one purpose; how will he fulfill it?

In the not-very-far future, where humans can be modified with animal DNA to create races with special abilities that will allow them to colonize far flung planets, there are those who are offended by this affront to Nature. The Naturalists must strike a blow for their beliefs – but how, when they cannot smuggle weapons onto Mars, will Oudeis achieve his purpose?

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Also available at Amazon Kindle.

The Silent Runner War

Four hundred years after the ecological destruction of Earth, mankind is exploiting the stars. Cyclone Pharmaceuticals plunders ecosystems across the galaxy in search of wealth. On one planet, eight-limbed natives study humans for revenge, while on another planet researchers race to save the ecosystem. Beneath a nova sun, the remnant of a race prays for rescue while elsewhere a golden paradise is condemned to development. The Silent Runners, a plucky band of ecoterrorists led by the beautiful, charismatic Golden Antareas, rise up against Cyclone—leaving their own trail of destruction. But in the wreckage, hope and new beginnings take root and grow. Hardcopy and Kindle versions available at Amazon.

Bastard in the Promised Land

Almost eighteen, Dutch knows everything. He knows that he’s going to be a Freespacer, and the Freespacer life is far better, far more exciting, than anything he left behind on his home planet. He knows that he will have far more freedom than his religion-bound step-father ever allowed him.

And he knows that he wants nothing, ever, to do with his biological father.

Dutch knows it all — almost. It’s what he doesn’t know about Freespacer life that might kill him--or worse.

Hardcopy and Kindle versions available at Amazom.

The Surgeon's Hands

Will Caine Stillman save his friend? Or will he kill him?

Dr. Stillman is the only person on distant moon who can perform the high-risk surgery, but nerve damage interferes with his ability to control the cyber-surgery tools. Can he get past his problems—emotional as well as physical—to do what needs to be done?

Ebook, available in all electronic formats at Smashwords. Kindle version available at Amazon.

Mr. Jiggles

Cats aren't allowed on the Space Station, but when a freelance trader comes by with a litter of kittens, how could anyone refuse? And how much trouble could a small cat be?

Kindle. Buy it at Amazon.

Maroon Sunia, Barbarian Princess of the Frozen North

Everyone knows the stories of Maroon Sunia, who carried a magical sword and was never cold, despite wearing only chainmail underthings and sandals. Everyone knows how she turned the King of the Bears into a fur coat, how she fought pirates and a dragon in a dry lake, and how she danced with the King of the Trolls. But why did she only appear that one summer, how did she fight the Witch of the Waste, and where did she go? And whatever happened to the magical Uffin? Here, finally, is the full story of Maroon Sunia, Barbarian Princess of the Frozen North.

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Dead Fish: Stories For Students Who Forgot To Bring Reading Material To Class

You’ve finished your class work, you haven’t any other homework on you, you left your reading book in your locker, and the sub won’t let you talk with your friends. What to do?

Here are nine short stories (and one poem) you can read while waiting for the bell to ring. Each story is followed by several in-depth questions for greater reading comprehension, and an optional project for deeper exploration. Plenty to keep you occupied! And much better than sitting there bored! Kindle. Buy it at Amazon.

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